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A spotlight on sustainable solutions! Forbes highlights PeelON's innovative approach in tackling one of today's pressing challenges: PLASTIC. Our award-winning, 100% biodegradable wrap doesn't just care for the environment; it also extends the shelf-life of fresh produce and tackles the enormous global food wastage problem. As our CEO, Taraka Ramji Moturu, insightfully shares: "Going green really can be a win-win." Dive deeper into how sustainability is shaping the future and why it matters for businesses in this compelling read.

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    Fresh Plaza Editorial

    Discover the innovative Peelon-Fresh bags, a sustainable game-changer in the produce protection industry. Designed to be temperature-resistant, biodegradable, and home compostable, these bags not only extend the shelf life of fresh produce but also combat the global challenge of food waste. Born from the genius of plant scientists Dr. Taraka Ramji Moturu and Dr. Ravi Ummidi and spearheaded by co-founder Andres Diaz, Peelon-Fresh bags are setting a new standard. Designed initially as a B2B alternative to traditional plastics for growers and distributors, these bags offer enhanced utility across a broad spectrum of products—from tropical fruits to meats and cheeses. Dive into the journey of Peelon's evolution and its potential to revolutionize the market.

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      BNF - Start Up Of The Year

      Introducing PeelON: Honored as one of the Startups of the Year 2022 at the Brave New Food Startup Challenge, this dynamic American startup has garnered accolades for its revolutionary protective packaging and sprays. Not just any packaging—this is plant-based, biodegradable, odorless, and tasteless, with the potential to keep fresh produce vibrant for up to three times longer. Anchored by the visionary Dr. Taraka Ramji Moturu, PeelON aims to tackle two of the world's most pressing issues: plastic pollution and food wastage. With their groundbreaking solution, Peelon-Fresh, they're set to redefine the packaging industry. From extending the shelf life of everything from apples to cilantro to enabling a sustainable future in plastic manufacturing, PeelON is a beacon of innovation. Dive into their journey, witness their technological prowess, and join us in anticipating the remarkable collaborations on the horizon.

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        PeelON developed an award-winning, biodegradable, packaging film solution for growers, exporters, and fresh food distributors known as PeelON-Fresh.

        PeelON-Fresh is a transparent wrap, similar to the current plastic wrap EXCEPT PeelON-Fresh is 100% biodegradable AND extends the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables by up to 3X’s longer.

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        Our 100% Plant-Based Solutions Work On ALL TYPES of Fresh Produce