A Natural Solution To Reduce Food Waste
The biodegradable packaging solution that extends shelf-life of fresh produce by 3x

Prevent Spoilage
Reduce Plastic Consumption
Increase Profitability

There are 1.4 billion tons of food waste every year

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PeelON developed an award-winning, biodegradable, packaging film solution for growers, exporters, and fresh food distributors known as PeelON-Fresh.

PeelON-Fresh is a transparent wrap, similar to the current plastic wrap EXCEPT PeelON-Fresh is 100% biodegradable AND extends the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables by up to 3X’s longer.

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We're On A Mission:
Reduce Food Waste

Our mission is to reduce food waste and replace fossil-based plastics with a renewable and compostable alternative. We developed biodegradable solutions for every fresh produce packaging need.

Peelon is a unique versatile biomaterial that is: