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Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry

A Solution To Reduce Food Waste

A Bio-Degradable Packaging Solution That Extends Shelf-life Of Fresh Produce By 3x

Innovators in Sustainable Packaging

At PeelON, we bring together a team of experts in packaging, sustainability, and innovation. Our passion for making a difference in the world drives us to create biodegradable solutions that are better for the planet and better for your produce.


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Want To Learn More About Our Innovative Product?

PeelON has crafted an innovative, biodegradable film for the agriculture and fresh produce distribution industry, named PeelON-Fresh.
Distinct from traditional plastic wraps, PeelON-Fresh is fully biodegradable and remarkably enhances the shelf life of a wide array of fruits and vegetables, prolonging freshness up to three times longer.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce food waste and replace fossil-based plastics with a renewable and compostable alternative. We developed biodegradable solutions for every fresh produce packaging need.

PeelON is a unique versatile biomaterial that is:




Green Apples

Our Technology

Why PeelON's Technology?

We've seen how agriculture plays an essential role in the world's economy. We feel that PeelON would be an ideal fit in in the global food supply chain by reducing the losses in the gaps and bring benefit to:

Logistic processes in transportation
Reduction of energy waste from high-powered cooling systems
Flourishing economies for smaller business fresh produce industry
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Beauty Products


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Our Gallery

Discover the Peel ON difference on our gallery page, where we showcase products with and without

Peel ON technology.

See firsthand how Peel ON revolutionizes packaging, making it effortless to access products while reducing waste. Experience the convenience and sustainability of Peel ON in action. Welcome to the future of packaging innovation.


Our Collection


Our Offerings

Prevent Spoilage

Reduce plastic consumption


Our biodegradable packaging solutions are made from sustainable materials that keep your produce fresh and delicious for longer. We're constantly innovating and improving our products to provide the best possible solutions for your packaging needs.


Alexa Young, CA

"Peel On has revolutionized my packaging experience. It's simple, convenient, and significantly reduces waste. I'm impressed by how easy it is to access my favorite products with Peel On. It's a game-changer for convenience and sustainability!"

Meet the Team

Behind every successful endeavor is a dedicated team of individuals committed to bringing a vision to life. At Peel-on, our team is comprised of passionate innovators, sustainability advocates, and industry experts who share a common goal: to make a positive impact on the world through innovative packaging solutions.

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